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Observations about Uncommon Courage, part 2


Do you really need courage to let go of your past? What's worse...big mistakes or small sneaky ones? Tim and Bobby Todd share their opinions on these and other questions in this video hosted by Leslie Mayo. Check it out and tell us what you think!...

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Morgan George talks about Uncommon Courage, part 1


Courageous...or stupid? How do you decide? In this edition of "It's Your Turn," Morgan George weighs in on this and other questions from our new message series, "Uncommon Courage." Check it out, and join us for upcoming messages at 9:30 and 11:00 a.m.this Sunday!...

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It's Your Turn with Jeff Miles


What is "It's Your Turn?" It's an opportunity for people in the LifeSpring Church audience to share their insights about a message they just heard. In this edition, Jeff Miles talks about the final message from a series titled "What's God's Will?"...

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Turning the tables on It's Your Turn!


It's a turnabout in this edition of It's Your Turn! Regular host Ron Weaver answers questions like "can you really have it ALL" and "why did the devil turn against God?" Hear his insights in this short video......

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It's Your Turn - What's God's Will 2 - With Kareem Burch


Should your logic take a backseat to God's reasoning? Do people only hear what they want to hear? Kareem Burch shares keen insights to these and other questions in this week's edition of It's Your Turn!...

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2017: What a Year it Was!

thumbnail-2017 year end review video

From moving to a new building to helping hundreds along life's journey, 2017 was an awesome year at LifeSpring Church in Norman, Oklahoma. See what we mean......

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"It's Your Turn" with Kaci Miles


What do you think? Do we make finding God's will harder than it needs to be? Is God's "will" for us different from his "purpose?" Kaci Miles speaks up in this edition of "It's Your Turn"!...

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"It's Your Turn" with Jon and Melissa King


Is "purpose" the same as "destiny." What if you've really tried to find your purpose but still don't know what it is? OU Chi Alpha leaders Jon and Melissa King tell their perspective on these questions from the message "Uphill Habits: 4 - Follow Your Purpose."...

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It's Your Turn - With Shawn and Carey Welden


2018 has arrived and It's Your Turn is back! Shawn and Carey Welden comment on Pastor Jeff's second message from the Uphill Habits series. What did they have to say? Hear their thoughts in this short video......

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3 Thanksgiving Questions


What's does Thanksgiving mean to you? What's your favorite Thanksgiving food? Favorite memory? Your friends at LifeSpring Church tell their favorites! How would you answer?...

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