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Life After Sunday

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Sundays are great, but there are six other days in the week! Sometimes you need help navigating "life after Sunday!" Every week, Pastor Jeff and friends provide a little direction to guide you through the maze of everyday life.

Check back each Wednesday for a mid-week boost! Want to be notified by text when new articles are posted? Let us know at!



The Relationship of Grace

2020-05-21-blog- The Relationship of Grace-image-2

There's a night and day relationship between religion and grace....

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The Element of Timing - 2


Faster isn't always better! This week, Pastor Jeff shares three times you need to hold back before taking action....

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The Element of Timing - 1


Success depends on timing. In this week's blog Pastor Jeff shares three times you really need to act quickly....

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Maximizing Your Strengths

2020-04-30-blog-Maximizing Your Strengths-final-icon

You need to do less of what you’re not good at, and more of what you’re really good at. Ready to start? Pastor Jeff has three questions that will kick start your journey....

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Knowing What Matters Most


This week, Pastor Jeff shares two questions that will help you choose wisely any time you have a critical decision to make....

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Handling the Naysayers


Everyone has doubters...people who don't think you can succeed. How should you react to them? In this week's blog Pastor Jeff shares three steps from the Bible for changing their minds....

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The Virtue of Gratitude


It's can be hard to remain grateful with so many blessings around us, or when struggling to make ends meet. Pastor Jeff shares ways you can stay thankful when you have a lot or a little!...

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The Virtue of Integrity

See how a life of integrity is much easier than a life of deceit...and comes with a lot more benefits! ...

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The Virtue of Loyalty

Are most people loyal, or is this trait hard to find? Pastor Jeff takes a look at the meaning of this important virtue....

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The Virtue of Honor

How do you honor people? When? What does the word mean to you? Pastor Jeff explains how it's used in the Bible, and when we should give honor to others....

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