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Archives for February 2019

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Light It Up!

Everyone has influence. Yes, everyone! Our task is to use that influence for good purposes. Those are God's orders. In his weekly blog, Pastor Jeff encourages you to "do all the good you can" and shows where you can start....

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What's Orange, Green, and Useless?

Have you ever looked at an item and thought "that has no use at all!" We all have. But that's not how God sees you! This week, Pastor Jeff share just how useful...and are to him!...

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What are You Looking For? (02/12/19)

God's goodness is everywhere, and it's "always on." But sometimes we can't easily see it. Read on to learn how you can connect with God's goodness when he seems to be completely unreachable... ...

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Drifting (02/05/19)

Boats drift when they're not anchored. So do people. Pastor Jeff shares how you can avoid drifting in the first edition of Life After Sunday! ...

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