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Archives for March 2019

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Confessions of a Backseat Driver

Have you ever been called you a "backseat driver?" Pastor Jeff has, and he knows exactly why! The desire to control is strong, and it often creeps into other areas of life. But there's good news...a cure is available! Pastor Jeff shares it in this week's "Life After Sunday!"...

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It's OK to not be OK...but not to stay that way!

"Life is hard, but God is good!" This week Pastor Jeff shares his struggle with stress and anxiety and how God showed the way to recovery....

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If it's Not Good, God's Not Done!

This week, Pastor Jeff reveals one of his big dislikes...and a valuable lesson in patience he learned from it!...

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Found People Find People

When you find something good, you want to share it with others! Telling people what God has done for us should be easy and exciting, but we tend to complicate things. This week, Pastor Jeff clears some misconceptions and shows how simple it is to tell your story!...

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