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Archives for May 2019

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Your Words Have Power, part 1

In this week's Life After Sunday blog, Pastor Jeff looks at a surprising way words can cause problems: complaining. Did you know the Bible has a lot to say about this subject...including how to get free from this habit? Read on to learn more... sure to check out the challenge at the end of the blog! Are you willing to try it?...

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The Best Defense

It's just one step from "flirting" with something we know is actually doing it! But oh, what a step it is! This week we'll learn what happened when Lot took that step...and how we can avoid making the same mistakes!...

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The Devil Made Me Do It!

The devil made me do it! You've heard it. You may have said it. But is it really true? Does the devil have that kind of power? Read on to find out, as Pastor Jeff uncovers the real cause of our failures...and it's not what you might think!...

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Fight for Your Life - 2

What role does the devil play? Why does God allow him to keep hurting people? How can I know if God is talking to me...or if it's the devil? This week, Pastor Jeff shares more about spiritual warfare by answering these and other questions. Check out his answers in Fight for Your Life, part 2....

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Fight for Your Life - 1

Did you know you're in a dogfight every day? Not against any person, but against an invisible adversary...the devil. This week Pastor Jeff explains how this adversary got his start, why he matters to you, and how you can fight and win! ...

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