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Archives for June 2019

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Puttin' on the Ritz

Making a good first impression is important. So is continuing to be your best...even after that first impression is made. Special guest Todd Zimmerman shows why consistency is key to making good, new relationships...and strengthening existing relationships....

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Contending with Conflict

Why does conflict exist? There are a lot of theories. The Bible lists only one reason for conflict. It also shows how to deal with it! Pastor Jeff covers the "cause" and the "solution," in this week's Life After Sunday blog!...

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Get a Grip on Gossip

Gossip is bad news! It hurts everyone...the subject of gossip, and those spreading it! This week, Pastor Jeff gives some great tips for steering conversations away from those tempting tidbits...and recovering when we fall into the gossip trap!...

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Cut the Criticism

In last week's blog, Pastor Jeff shared how complaining hurts everyone. This week he talks about three behaviors that are closely related to complaining: criticism, negativity, and sarcasm. Learn how to keep these from overrunning your life in this week's "Life After Sunday!"...

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