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Archives for July 2019

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Road Signs

God wants us to know his will so much that he's put "road signs" along life's journey. In this week's blog, Pastor Jeff shares how to recognize and read these signs that point to the destination God has in mind for you....

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What Went Wrong?

As Christians we want the will of God for our lives. But sometimes we end up on a different road...only to wonder "what went wrong?" Pastor Jeff shares why we make wrong turns...and how to avoid them in the future!...

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Reading Between the Lines

People are fond of saying saying that God's will should be done...but just what is "God's will?" Is it really possible to know what God wants us to do? This week Pastor Jeff defines God's may not be what you think...and he shows how you can discover your place in it!...

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Change the Way You Change

Have you tried to change your life but haven't been as successful as you'd like? Perhaps you need to "change the way you change!" In this blog, Student Ministries Pastor Ben Tickle shows how!...

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The Roller Coaster

The roller coaster ride we call life is best when shared! Sometimes, though, we're reluctant to get on board. Todd Zimmerman, teaching pastor, compares his first coaster ride with everyday experiences he's had since!...

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