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Archives for January 2020

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Up A Creek

Have you ever been "up a creek" with no way to move forward. God's Spirit is able to propel you in the right direction. All you have to do is ask!...

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Attitude Adjustment

Keeping a good attitude about life is the key to staying joyful even in hard times. In this week's blog, Pastor Jeff shares some tips for remaining positive....

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Identity Crisis

One of our biggest challenges in 2020 is to live squarely in the identity Christ bought for us!...

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Just Breathe!

When life presses in, we usually respond by "trying harder." God has a different way for handling stressful situations. Pastor Jeff explains God's method in this week's blog......

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A New Year's Prayer

This prayer from 2008 is especially relevant entering 2020! Read it in this week's LifeSpring blog....

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