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The Relationship of Grace

2020-05-21-blog- The Relationship of Grace-image-2

There's a night and day relationship between religion and grace....

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The Element of Timing - 2


Faster isn't always better! This week, Pastor Jeff shares three times you need to hold back before taking action....

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The Element of Timing - 1


Success depends on timing. In this week's blog Pastor Jeff shares three times you really need to act quickly....

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Maximizing Your Strengths

2020-04-30-blog-Maximizing Your Strengths-final-icon

You need to do less of what you’re not good at, and more of what you’re really good at. Ready to start? Pastor Jeff has three questions that will kick start your journey....

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Knowing What Matters Most


This week, Pastor Jeff shares two questions that will help you choose wisely any time you have a critical decision to make....

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The Virtue of Gratitude


It's can be hard to remain grateful with so many blessings around us, or when struggling to make ends meet. Pastor Jeff shares ways you can stay thankful when you have a lot or a little!...

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Breaking the Labels that Define Us

Mental labels block us from moving forward in life. See ways to remove those roadblocks and what it means to live in the newness of Christ!...

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Help, I'm Stuck!

In this week's blog: four questions to ask yourself when life feels stagnant....

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Confessions of a Perfectionist

What does the Bible mean when it says "be perfect?" Pastor Jeff shares the true definition and how it changed his life!...

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Attitude Adjustment

Keeping a good attitude about life is the key to staying joyful even in hard times. In this week's blog, Pastor Jeff shares some tips for remaining positive....

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A New Year's Prayer

This prayer from 2008 is especially relevant entering 2020! Read it in this week's LifeSpring blog....

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Fear of Losing Control

Are you worried you'll lose control of situations in your life? See how you can lose the worry and let God have control instead! Pastor Jeff, a self-admitted "control freak," shows how in this week's blog!...

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Your Words Have Power, part 1

In this week's Life After Sunday blog, Pastor Jeff looks at a surprising way words can cause problems: complaining. Did you know the Bible has a lot to say about this subject...including how to get free from this habit? Read on to learn more... sure to check out the challenge at the end of the blog! Are you willing to try it?...

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Fight for Your Life - 1

Did you know you're in a dogfight every day? Not against any person, but against an invisible adversary...the devil. This week Pastor Jeff explains how this adversary got his start, why he matters to you, and how you can fight and win! ...

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Found People Find People

When you find something good, you want to share it with others! Telling people what God has done for us should be easy and exciting, but we tend to complicate things. This week, Pastor Jeff clears some misconceptions and shows how simple it is to tell your story!...

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Drifting (02/05/19)

Boats drift when they're not anchored. So do people. Pastor Jeff shares how you can avoid drifting in the first edition of Life After Sunday! ...

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