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The Relationship of Grace

2020-05-21-blog- The Relationship of Grace-image-2

There's a night and day relationship between religion and grace....

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Moving Past Failure

Bring your failure to God. He's eager to clear your past and let you start over again! ...

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I'm Sorry

Saying "I'm sorry" is hard...but when spoken these words are very powerful. Pastor Jeff shares three key steps to follow when apologizing and asking forgiveness from someone....

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Turning the Tables

You've come face to face with someone who's done you wrong, but the tables have turned and you have the upper hand. How will you respond? Pastor Jeff shares some sound advice using one man's experience as an example....

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The "F" Word

You know about the bad "F word," but God has an "F word" that's really good! See what it is and what it can do for you in this week's blog....

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Wrong Attitudes about Money (09/18/19)

When money is tight, what do you do? The next few weeks Pastor Jeff will share tips that's helped him during financial difficulties. In this blog he talks about what NOT to do!...

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