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Maximizing Your Strengths

2020-04-30-blog-Maximizing Your Strengths-final-icon

You need to do less of what you’re not good at, and more of what you’re really good at. Ready to start? Pastor Jeff has three questions that will kick start your journey....

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Finish Strong!

Long-distance runners know that, if they refuse to quit, they'll find new strength. It's called a "runner's high." Life is like that. If you stay with Jesus, he'll help you finish the race and claim your prize!...

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The Devil Made Me Do It!

The devil made me do it! You've heard it. You may have said it. But is it really true? Does the devil have that kind of power? Read on to find out, as Pastor Jeff uncovers the real cause of our failures...and it's not what you might think!...

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