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An Attitude of Gratitude


2019-05-28-DSC_9052-What_People_are_Saying-Jeff_RobinettI recently learned of a study on “gratitude” published in the Harvard Health Publication. At the end of every week, for ten weeks, one group of people wrote down everything they were thankful for that week.  Another group wrote down everything that irritated them.

At the end of the study, guess which group felt better about their life? If you said the people who wrote what they were grateful for…you’re right!

2019-11-27-Blog_Attitude_of_Gratitude-graphicAdopting an attitude of gratitude will help you realize God’s goodness and blessing. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to start making the most of this principle by taking time to count all the blessings God has so graciously given. Start on Thanksgiving...then keep it up Black Friday, through Christmas, and into the New Year.

You’ll be glad you did!

I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds.

– Psalm 9:1 (ESV)


How will you develop an attitude of gratitude? Tell us below...and share with others! 


I just try each day to give praise to God and spend time with Him. I also try not to focus on the negative but on all the blessings I have, which is a lot. Keeping my mind on Christ is how I get through the sad parts in my life.

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