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The Element of Timing - 1


DSC_0553-Jeff_Robinett_blog_portraitTiming is everything. It’s important when you’re starting a relationship, growing a business, getting an education, and so much more.

That’s not just my opinion. The Bible agrees that timing is critical. Solomon wrote…

There is a right time and a right way to do everything…

 – Ecclesiastes 8:6 (GNT)

Doing things the right way at the right time brings success. But doing things the right way at the wrong time can bring failure. We must learn the skill of timing if we want to succeed. As the song made famous by Kenny Rogers says…

“You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, and know when to run.”

You won’t find those words in the Bible, but they contain an element of truth!

The Bible has a lot to say about moving fast in certain situations. Let’s look at a few of them…

First…when God tells you to do something.

Most of us associate the word “hurry” with “stress and pressure.” We think it’s a negative thing. But it can also be very positive. For instance, when a tornado is headed your way, you need to hurry to the storm shelter.

Hurry is an excellent way to respond to God when he asks you to do something.

Without delay I hurry, to obey your commands.

– Psalm 119:60 (GNT)

Every parent understands that delayed obedience is disobedience. As parents, Kristi and I always preferred quick obedience over delayed obedience. We were always disappointed when our kids “dilly dallied” around without doing what we asked.

What are some things God wants that you’ve been putting off? What are you waiting for? There’s no better time than the present to finish it!

Next…when you feel tempted.

You know what I’m talking about. It’s that overwhelming urge to do or say something you know isn’t good for you…or anyone else. You think about lying to someone because the truth isn’t flattering. Or you want to let your eyes linger where they shouldn’t.

The world is filled with countless temptations, but there’s only one way to overcome them: run! The Apostle Paul gave this advice to Timothy, his spiritual son:

You, Timothy, are a man of God; so run from all these evil things.

– 1 Timothy 6:11 (NLT) 

Insert your name in this verse. God is speaking to you. Resist the urge to hang around and fight the temptation. Run as fast as you can.

And…when you have an opportunity to do good.

Every day God points out little ways we can bless people. Has a thought about a discouraged friend ever popped into your mind? Or have you unexpectedly realized that someone is struggling financially? God reminds us in ways like that.

You need to act when you become aware of a situation! Encourage your friend through a call or text, or send a check to help the person who’s having a hard time. It’s not the thought that counts…it’s the action. As the Bible says:

Never walk away from someone who deserves help; your hand is God's hand for that person.

– Proverbs 3:27 (MSG)

That’s a command from God, and it’s also good advice! When we walk away we usually get busy and forget to follow through. Respond today because chances are slim you’ll do anything tomorrow.

It’s important to act quickly when the situation calls for it. But there are times we should move slowly. We’ll look at some of those situations next week. Until then, let’s practice picking up the pace when we know God wants us to move fast.

Can you think of a time you needed to quick action? Encourage others now by commenting how your response helped!

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