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Up A Creek

DSC_0553-Jeff_Robinett_blog_portraitI’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “up a creek without a paddle.”  That’s a bad place to be! You feel helpless as you try to navigate the waters of life. You don’t have what it takes to move forward…and you know it.  Your only hope is for the wind to blow you in the right direction.

I’ve felt that way before, especially as a parent. I was sailing through life, enjoying the scenery…then my kids asked a question I didn’t have an answer for!

I’ve also felt that way many times as a pastor. You can’t “float the same river” for over 25 years and not get stuck a few times.

This is true in relationships, too…including your relationship with God!

When these times come there’s often nothing we can do to help ourselves. We need God to show up and help move us forward.

That’s why God gave us his Holy Spirit. Jesus said,

The Father is sending a great Helper, the Holy Spirit…”

– John 14:26 (VOICE)

The word translated “spirit” in the Old Testament is the Hebrew word for “wind.” (Hebrew is the original language of the Old Testament.)  The word translated “spirit” in the New Testament is the Greek word for “breath.” (The New Testament was originally written in Greek.)

When you put these together you can see that the Holy Spirit is God’s breath blowing into your life. His purpose is to refresh and direct. There are times when our only hope is for God to breathe life into our situation. His breath rejuvenates dead and hopeless things. It heals our hurts and sets our course.

Take a moment and put your hand in front of your mouth. Now blow. Feel that? This is what God wants to do in your life every day. There’s nothing like it! Good songs, podcasts and Bible reading are great.  But you need the breath of God to bring it alive in you.

In the words of Jesus,

“What gives life is God's Spirit; human power is of no use at all.”

– John 6:63 (GNT)

A lot of people think Christianity is just a practice of a religion or profession of beliefs. Discipleship and profession are part of it, but neither have the power to transform us. That power comes when we allow God to breathe into our hearts. When that happens we receive hope that things can change…and are changing.

God wants you to know his Holy Spirit. He wants you to experience what it’s like to “be up that creek without a paddle” and for his wind to blow in your life. You need this to happen, because when you experience it just one time…you come to understand it’s exactly what you need every time.

Heavenly Father…breathe on us today!

Are you stuck today? We'll be glad to pray with you about moving forward! Contact us at, and our prayer team will join with you to ask God to breathe into your situation.


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