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"Life After Sunday" blog this week: Battle of the Wills

2019-05-28-DSC_9052-What_People_are_Saying-Jeff_RobinettLife After Sunday is a great way to recenter your life and regain your edge in the middle of the week. Every blog provides tools you can use to get a boost in your life! New blogs arrive each Wednesday. And...our blog library is always ready for your reading and review! 

Ready to rev up your week? Check out this week's Life After Sunday blog now!

What people are saying about Life After Sunday...

"Great read, Jeff. I can relate to busyness getting in the way of hearing God. Thanks for the great tips."

"This is awesome! Not only did I get to hear your words of wisdom and message from God, but also it wasn't on Sunday! This message was just what I needed to hear today. Thank you!"

"I just wanted to tell you how much you’ve helped with every sermon, every blogl As if each were...actually written just for my situation."

"Never quit dreaming!"

"Thanks Jeff for always knowing what we need to hear!!"

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