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Know God

Know God

Leading people into life-giving relationships!

It is what we are about here at Lifespring Church. Jesus taught often about how God wants to be part of our lives... then made it possible to restore our fractured relationship with the Father.

If you would like to learn how to connect with God, and begin a relationship with his son, Jesus we encourage you to click the link below. It will guide you through your decision to follow Christ and help you in your new life with him.

Perhaps you have questions about how God can take care of the problems you may be dealing with. This site will show you personal stories of individuals who relied on God through even the most difficult circumstances.

You can also select from our list of Spiritual Growth resources below.

Simply send us an email with your name, address and the items you’d like to receive, and we will send them directly to you. All these items are available at our Resource Center each Sunday morning:

  1. First Things First Bible Study - A Study on Christian Growth for New Believers
  2. Bible Study Guides:
    2 Week Plan
    30 Day Plan
    180 Day Plan
  3. Prayer Guide

Here are some great online resources that will help with Spiritual Growth as well:

  1. First 15
  2. Bible App
  3. Fasting

Have you recently committed your life to Jesus Christ?

We encourage you to take the next step of obedience and schedule your Water Baptism. At Lifespring Church we believe in following Christ's example in being baptized in water. We would love to celebrate your new life in Christ through your public confession of baptism! Visit our Water Baptism FAQ's page for more information about Water Baptism at Lifespring.

As always you can contact the Lifespring staff @ 405.292.7770. We’d be delighted to discuss how you can get connected!